Scholarships & Financial Aid

The primary sources of financial aid for undergraduate students include scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans.

Financial Aid Applications

ScholarshipUniverse is a single source for Ohio State and external scholarships. As you answer questions, ScholarshipUniverse finds relevant scholarship opportunities for you, simplifying the search so you can focus on applying for more scholarships to help pay for your education and avoid taking on debt. Students are encouraged to visit ScholarshipUniverse frequently as new opportunities are always being added.

Students must submit the FAFSA annually for consideration for need-based scholarships and grants, work-study, and student loans. File the FAFSA by Ohio State’s priority date of February 1 to receive priority aid consideration.

Knowlton School Scholarships

The Knowlton School Scholarship Application is housed on ScholarshipUniverse. Scholarship selection is based on specific scholarship criteria, academic performance, and/or financial need. The application cycle starts early December and closes mid-April annually. Submit The Knowlton School Scholarship Application by Ohio State’s priority date of February 1 to receive priority consideration. Scholarship recipients are typically notified in late July for the upcoming academic year. Many of the scholarships are one-time awards; some awards may be renewed.

See a full list of Knowlton’s Endowed Scholarships.

The Knowlton Access Fund has been established to support initiatives that actively contribute to a more diverse and inclusive student body. The fund provides emergency or interim financial assistance to students who face unforeseen expenses or who lack resources to meet expenses after exhausting other forms of financial aid.

Travel Scholarships

Travel scholarships may be available to students who participate in Knowlton-based travel programs. Travel scholarships are applied to a student’s account for the term in which the program’s credits are earned. Additional information and the Global Education Scholarship Application is available through the Global Engineering website.

Learn more about Knowlton's travel courses

Learn more about the ARTA Program

Architecture Research Travel Awards

The Knowlton School's Architecture Research Travel Awards (ARTA) program was established to encourage independent travel and research initiatives of up to 30 days by Knowlton students from all degree programs. The ARTA program is made possible by generous support from the Columbus Foundation. In the fall semester following completion of their projects, ARTA winners present their work at the School.

To qualify for participation in the program, students must be a US citizen and be able to provide 25 percent matching funds for their travel. Students also must make a public presentation at the school about their summer research experience during the fall semester following their travels.

For additional travel funding, see the Office of International Affairs' Undergraduate Student Grants and Scholarships.


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