Spring 2023 Herman J. Albrecht Library of Historical Architecture Open house


Mar 29, 2023



Knowlton Hall, Architecture Library, Rare Books Room
275 West Woodruff Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
United States

The Herman J. Albrecht Library of Historical Architecture invites students, faculty, and staff to attend its Spring 2023 Albrecht Open House. Guests are invited to a rare viewing of the following texts.

“We chose these texts for the open house because they cover a sampling of the multi-cultural architectural history that the collection contains,” said Albrecht Graduate Research Associate Noël Michel.

“We wanted to highlight key non-western texts that influenced the design discipline,” added Neda Nezhad, who also serves as an Albrecht Graduate Research Associate. “Other texts were chosen in tandem with relevant topics being taught in courses at Knowlton as well as their substantial visual qualities of drawings and graphics.”

  • Arkhitekturnye fantazii : 101 kompoziit︠s︡i︠a︡ v kraskakh, 101 arkhitekturnai︠a︡ miniati︠u︡ra / I︠A︡kov Chernikhov ; ispolneny pri uchastii D. Kopanit︠s︡yna i E. Pavlovoĭ;  Chernikhov, I︠A︡kov Georgievich
  • Le antichità romane, ossia, Raccolta delle più interessanti vedute di Roma antica / disegnate ed incise dall' architetto incisore Luigi Rossini Ravennate in numero
  • Die Architektur der neuen freien Schule; Wilhelm Rehme
  • Colonna’s Hypnerotomachia Poliphili; Colonna, Francesco
  • Ioannis Baptistae Piranesii antiquariorum regiae societatis Londinensis socii Campus Martius antiquae Urbis
  • A system of architectural ornament according with a philosophy of man's powers; Sullivan, Louis H
  • The international competition for a new administration building for the Chicago Tribune, MCMXXII; containing all the designs submitted in response to the Chicago tribune's $100,000 offer commemorating its seventy fifth anniversary, June 10, 1922 - Chicago tribune
  • Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe; Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959
  • Li Mingzhong ying zao fa shi : 36 juan / [Li Jie bian xiu ; Zhu Qiqian jiao ke ; Tao Xiang ji jiao] 李明仲營造法式 : 36卷 / [李誡編修 ; 朱啓鈐校刻 ; 陶湘輯校] Ying zao fa shi 營造法式
  • Arte y decoración en España : arquitectura-arte decorative
  • Die Baukunst Konstatinopels, Cornelius Gurlitt
  • Architecture at Beejapoor : an ancient Mahometan capital in the Bombay Presidency / photographed from drawings by Capt. P.D. Hart, B.E., A Cumming, C.E., and native;  Taylor, Meadows, 1808-1876
  • La brique et la terre cuite : étude historique de l'emploi de ces matériaux : fabrication et usages : motifs de construction et de décoration choisis dans l'architecture des; Chabat, Pierre, 1827-1892
  • Ioan de Arphe y Villafañe, natural de Leon, esculptor de oro y plata, De varia commensvracion para la escvlptvra y architectura : dirigida al excelentissimo señor Don Pedro; Arfe y Villafañe, Juan de, 1535-1603
  • Décorations de palais et d’églises en Italie : peintes à fresque ou exécutées en stuc, dans le cours du XVème et du XVIème siècle; Grüner, Ludwig
  • History of the skyscraper; Francisco Mujica
  • Theatres and motion picture houses: a practical treatise on the proper planning and construction of such buildings, and containing useful suggestions, rules, and data for; Meloy, Arthur Sherman, 1868
  • De re aedificatoria. Italian;“L’architettura di Leonbatista Alberti : con la aggiunta de disegni / tradotta in lingua fiorentina da Cosimo Bartoli gentil’huomo & accademico fiorentino;” Alberti, Leon Battista, 1404-1472