Biogenic House Sections


Sep 20, 2023–Nov 9, 2023

An exhibition highlighting LTL Architects’s Manual of Biogenic House Sections that seeks to rethink the material basis of architecture in a time of environmental crisis.

Given that the most viable means to radically reduce embodied carbon in new buildings is to use plant- and earth-based materials, what are these materials’ qualities and characteristics? How have they been a catalyst for architectural invention as tested in houses around the world? What design trajectories exist for future exploration? The Biogenic Building Sections exhibition examines how designing through these materials pushes architecture toward peculiar, unconventional, yet logical assemblies.

The exhibit is composed of three parts: the Exhibit of a new book, a selection of building materials, and five small houses designed by LTL Architects.

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Paul Lewis of LTL Architects will deliver the September 20 Baumer Lecture.