Book Launch: Kounkuey Design Initiative Source Report


Mar 27, 2024



Knowlton Hall, Big Stairs
United States

This roundtable event will introduce the new Source Reports in Landscape Architecture series and the work of the Kounkuey Design Initiative. Following a brief introductory presentation, the visitors will discuss their practice in a roundtable format and take questions from the audience.

  • Lauren Elachi (Kounkuey Design Initiative)
  • Eric Riley (Kounkuey Design Initiative)
  • Christian Rodriguez Ceja (Kounkuey Design Initiative)
  • Justin Parscher (Knowlton School)

Kounkuey Design Initiative is a landscape and planning practice focused on making public spaces with underserved communities. Based primarily in Nairobi, Los Angeles, and the Eastern Coachella Valley, KDI works to establish networks of sustainable and scalable Productive Public Spaces that reflect the visions of the people they serve. After almost 20 years of partnering with communities to research, design, and advocate for their needs, KDI is a powerful model of participatory and equitable design.