Apr 10, 2024–Jul 15, 2024


Knowlton Hall, Banvard Gallery
United States

To be a girl is to be a computer.

By performing as producer, consumer, and image simultaneously—lining, filling, and adorning boundaries with endless artifacts and their associated myths—the girl and the computer find exposure within containment until all is neither exposed nor contained. The advent of automata, decidedly pronounced in the bow-saturated “Year of the Girl,” marks an evolution in this conjoint machinic condition: the interiorized topology to which they were formerly purely passive recipients is increasingly actively lifted, destabilized, and dissolved.

Girlroom collapses medium and subject by drawing parallels between the fragmented but relational formal structure of synthetic media and the girlroom. The exhibit composes palimpsestic figural constructions using multimodal artificial intelligence, visual and audio programming, and textilic manipulation. Its mechanical gestures tether historical and contemporary methods of technological labor endemic to the girl. As data and narrative recursively consume, disfigure, and occupy one another, immaterial and material “clusters” of symbols find meaning as a consequence of granular proximities—fleeting intimations around which reality bends. Amongst the shrapnel of code, everything becomes girl-coded.

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