Graduate Student Graduation

Graduate Student Graduation

Graduation Requirements for Graduate Students

In order to graduate, students must fulfill requirements including but not limited to the following. A complete and detailed list of graduation requirements can be found on the Graduate School website.

  • successfully complete all required coursework and total credit hours for the degree
  • complete the degree with a graduate cumulative point-hour ratio of at least 3.0
  • successfully complete your master’s examination, final review, thesis, or dissertation
  • enroll in at least 3 graduate credit hours for the term in which you expect to graduate
  • submit the Application to Graduate form by the Graduate School deadline via GRADFORMS.OSU.EDU

Master's Students

MArch and MLA students will complete their exit requirements in the spring semester of their last year.

MCRP students taking the comprehensive exam as their graduation requirement will take the exam in their last term of enrollment. The exam is typically scheduled between the 8th and 11th weeks of the term and details will be sent each semester. The program offers the exam in the fall and spring semesters only. If you are graduating in the summer, you will take the exam in the spring. If you are a dual degree student and you are fulfilling your other degree's graduation requirement in your last term of enrollment, you may request to take the MCRP comprehensive exam one term early. Each fall and spring semester, the Graduate Programs Coordinator will distribute information about the exam and students. Students who have applied to graduate that term and are not completing a thesis are automatically added to the list of students taking the comprehensive exam. Dual degree and summer graduation students can request to sign up for the exam at that point.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students must meet a number of additional requirements, including completion of the candidacy exam, dissertation, and oral exam. These requirements have very specific stipulations. Please see the Graduate School website for details. Students must submit the online Application for Final Exam through GRADFORMS.OSU.EDU no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled oral exam.

Application to Graduate

Applications to graduate are submitted via GRADFORMS.OSU.EDU, the Graduate School portal for form submission. Dual Degree students must submit two separate applications to graduate. Typically, the application is due no later than the third Friday of the term. See the Graduate School graduation deadlines for details. Please note that your advisor and graduate studies chair must approve your application by the application deadline, so be sure to submit your application early. Each semester, the Graduate Programs Coordinator will notify students via email about the application deadlines and process. Typically, we will request that you submit your application prior to the deadline to ensure that everything is set for you to graduate. Applications may be submitted one term prior to the term in which you are applying to graduate.

  • Graduation Level: Masters students who are not completing a thesis should select "Master's Non-Thesis" as your "Graduation Level."
  • End-of-Semester (EOS): Do not select the "End of Semester" option unless you plan on completing your graduation exam late. See the Graduate School deadlines for details. This option would only be applicable to MCRP students completing a thesis or doctoral students.

    If a student is not able to complete the exam requirements by the Graduate School deadline to graduate that term, the student can utilize the end-of-semester option to complete requirements by the last business day before the start of the next semester. In this case, the student would graduate in the following term without having to enroll in that term. If a student submits the Application to Graduate without selecting the end-of-semester option and later needs to switch to the end-of-semester option, the student should work with his/her committee members, notify the Graduate Programs Coordinator, and email the Graduate School Graduation Services at
  • Committee Members: MCRP students who are taking the comprehensive exam instead of a thesis should list the CRP Graduate Studies Chair as your committee member. If the Graduate Studies Chair is your advisor, you should list the CRP Section Head as your committee member. MArch and MLA students will form committees at the start of the spring semester. Doctoral students should list their committee members formed according to the Graduate School rules. See the Graduate School Handbook for details.

Refer to your advising report (via your student center) and your curriculum sheet to check your record. Make sure that you will have

  1. either completed each required course or submitted an approved course waiver and replaced the credit hours and
  2. that you will have completed all of your elective requirements.

Review your earned hours ("EH" on your advising report) to be sure that you will complete at least the minimum total credit hours required for your degree. If you have a grade of "I" (incomplete) or "NG" (no grade), you must contact the instructor and get the grade resolved and posted prior to graduation.


Commencement information will be communicated through the Graduate School. Details of the event can be found on the university's commencement website. In the spring semester, the Knowlton School typically has a breakfast before commencement and all graduates from the previous fall, the current spring, and the upcoming summer terms are invited. Information will be sent closer to the event.

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