Knowlton School Editorial Style Guide

The university and the Knowlton School use a modified version of the Associated Press Style Manual. For a more complete list of university editorial styles, see the Ohio State's abbreviated Editorial Style Guide. For the full style guide, see the university's online custom stylebook. Where Knowlton's style differs from the university or AP, use the Knowlton style.

The Knowlton School

Knowlton School

  • first mention: Knowlton School or the Knowlton School
  • second mention: Knowlton
  • do not use: KSA, Knowlton School of Architecture

The Sections of the Knowlton School


  • first mention: Architecture Section at the Knowlton School
  • second mention: Architecture Section, Knowlton Architecture
  • use lowercase when referring to the discipline (rather than the section)
  • degrees: BSArch, MArch (camel case, no periods, no spaces)

The Architecture Section at the Knowlton School makes its case through form

the nation’s best architecture graduate programs…

Landscape Architecture

  • first mention: Landscape Architecture Section at the Knowlton School
  • second mention: Knowlton Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture Section, Knowlton Landscape
  • use lowercase when referring to the discipline (rather than the section)
  • degrees: BSLA, MLA (no periods, no spaces)

The Landscape Architecture Section at the Knowlton School supports individual student development…

…prepares students to engage in landscape architecture as a form of cultural and ecological practice…

City and Regional Planning

  • first mention: City and Regional Planning Section at the Knowlton School
  • second mention: City and Regional Planning at Knowlton, City and Regional Planning Section, Knowlton Planning
  • when referring to the discipline alone, first use “city and regional planning”
  • can use “planning” on the second mention if applicable (usually for social media/graphics)
  • use lowercase when referring to the discipline (rather than the section)
  • degrees: BSCRP, MCRP, PhD in City and Regional Planning (no periods, no spaces)

The City and Regional Planning Section at the Knowlton School empowers students to ask…

City and regional planners continue to teach and to learn…

Other University Units

The Ohio State University

  • first mention: The Ohio State University
  • second mention: Ohio State or the university
  • do not use OSU, the Ohio State University, Ohio State University

College of Engineering

  • first mention: the College of Engineering
  • second mention: the college
  • always capitalize the full, formal names of colleges
  • do not use COE except in very informal cases

Regional Campuses

  • first mention: use the complete title
  • second mention: use the shortened title

The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Ohio State Mansfield

Other Academic Units

  • other academic units' official names are capitalized, but do not capitalize the discipline or when used informally (except when the discipline name is a proper noun, e.g., English)
  • do not capitalize an informal reference

The Department of Geography is…

Erik Watkins was an historian, sociologist, jurist, and political economist who taught in the Department of Economics.

University Titles

Faculty Titles

  • capitalize faculty title if it comes before the name
  • do not capitalize if title comes after the name 
  • capitalize the director or section head titles if it comes before the name
  • capitalize emeritus faculty title if it comes before the name

Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture Lena Dejan…

Lena Dejan, professor of landscape architecture…

Torbjørn Antelmo, Knowlton School director and professor of city and regional planning,…

Section Head and Professor of Architecture Milana Mòrag

Professor Emeritus of Architecture Carl Kreka


  • a student’s rank is not capitalized except when referring to the graduate year as in G1, G2, and G3
  • compound adjectives should be hyphenated

Oscar Zach, a graduate student in architecture…

Kanya Bion, a sophomore in the Landscape Architecture Section…

Louella Rona participated in the G1 studio.

Louella Rona is a first-year graduate student.


  • alumni: plural
  • alumna: feminine singular form
  • alumnus: masculine singular form
  • alumnae: feminine plural form
  • do not capitalize any form
  • degrees and two-digit graduation year should be noted in parenthesis after the first mention of the name. Use an apostrophe (not opening single quotes) before the initial digit.

Alumna Joann Luna (MCRP ’10) and alumnus Ian Townsend (BSArch ’63) attended the meeting.


  • use in all cases (not chairman, chairwoman, or chairperson)
  • not to be used for section heads



  • programs offered at Knowlton: BSArch, BSLA, BSCRP, MArch, MLA, MCRP, PhD
  • full name Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning, Master of City and Regional Planning, PhD in City and Regional Planning
  • for alumni, use abbreviations to denote degree after someone’s name/title (see Alumni)
  • do not use Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, Master’s of Architecture

Majors and minors

  • do not capitalize names of fields of study, curricula, majors, minors, or programs unless a specific course is referred to or if using names of countries, nationalities, historical periods, and languages. 

She changed her major from English to landscape architecture after reading many Victorian novels.

Seminars, Studios, Workshops, and Seminars

  • seminars: capitalize titles
  • studios:  capitalize titles
  • workshops and symposia: italicize and capitalize
  • do not capitalize definite article (if used)

I participated in the 2019 Glimcher Seminar.

Neighborhood Planning Studio

Augmented Ecologies: The Hunt for Forests

Publications, Projects, and Exhibitions

Publications and Projects

  • italics: books, magazines, newspapers, journals, websites, projects, exhibitions
  • quotation marks: book chapters, articles

Architect’s Newspaper

“A territorial attitude”


  • titles are italicized and capitalized
  • Banvard Gallery: always capitalized
  • subsets of exhibits capitalized, not italicized
  • If the name of the exhibit has special formatting, honor that for every mention

Drawing (v.) Drawings (n.)

A new exhibition will be on view in the Banvard Gallery. 


Rankings and Awards

  • do not use a hyphen when referring to a top 10 or top 25 program.

She hopes to stay in the top 10 of her class.


(e.g., AIA, ASLA, CRPSA, etc.)

  • first mention: use the full name with the abbreviation in parentheses
  • second mention: use the organization’s abbreviation
  • exceptions: use the abbreviation on social media to tag the organization or fit the character limit or when the abbreviation is more familiar than full name. For example, “RPAC” vs. “Recreation and Physical Activity Center”

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is a professional association for landscape architects in the United States. The ASLA's mission is….

Other AP Styles

  • Capitalization

  • the general rule is that official names are capitalized; unofficial, informal, shortened or generic names are not.
  • this rule applies to names of offices, buildings, schools, departments, programs, centers, institutes, etc.
  • phrases such as the university, the center, the institute, the college or the museum are not capitalized.
  • names of seasons, academic periods and one-time events are generally not capitalized.

The student will graduate in autumn 2016.

The summer term begins in May.

She attended orientation and traveled during spring break.


  • do not use ordinals
  • use full date for running text


  • Use figures and spell out inches, feet, yards, etc., to indicate depth, height, length, and width.
  • Hyphenate adjectival forms before nouns.

The building has 6,000 square feet of floor space.

The rug is 9 feet by 12 feet.


  • spell out numbers one through nine
  • use numerals for 10 or more
  • spell out numbers that begin or end a sentence
  • use numerals for ages


  • write out first through ninth
  • use numerals for 10th and higher

Oxford/Serial Comma

  • use when listing a series of three or more items

The Knowlton School offers programs in architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning.