April 17, 2013

Adriaan Geuze selected as the 2012-13 Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professor

Glimcher Professorship Brings Leading Landscape Architects to Knowlton

The Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professor for the 2012-2013 academic year is Adriaan Geuze, co-founder in 1987 of prestigious European design practice West 8. As Glimcher Professor, Adriaan Geuze presented a public lecture as part of the School’s Baumer Lecture Series, and participated in the Glimcher Seminar, an in-depth analysis of, and dialog about, the work of influential contemporary landscape architects. The seminar included a visit to sites in Toronto, Canada with Geuze, KSA Assistant Professor Jason Kentner and KSA landscape architecture students.

After winning the prestigious Prix-de-Rome award in 1990, Geuze achieved international recognition for his unique approach to planning and design of the public environment. By founding the SLA Foundation (Surrealistic Landscape Architecture) in 1992, he increased public awareness of the profession of landscape architecture.  With West 8, Geuze has extensive experience in directing Dutch and international teams on projects all over the world.

Over time, West 8 has developed into an internationally renowned urban design and landscape architecture practice, winning various international design competitions, such as Governor's Island in New York, Playa de Palma in Mallorca and Toronto's New Central Waterfront design in Canada. The firm developed a technique of relating contemporary culture, urban identity, architecture, public space and engineering within one design, while always taking the context into account. In addition to the numerous design awards that West 8 has won, such as the Dutch Maaskant Award in 1995 and the Rosa Barba First European Landscape prize in 2002, Geuze was presented with the Veronica Rudge Green Prize for Urban Design from the Harvard Design School in 2002. In 2005, Geuze was recognized as a leader in his profession by being given the prestigious position of curator for the 2nd International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam. Recently, Geuze and West 8 received the prestigious American Society of Landscape Architecture Honor Award 2009, AIA Institute Honor Award 2012 and the Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 from the BKVB, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

The Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professorship brings to the Knowlton School of Architecture internationally recognized landscape architects, practitioners who visit the School several times throughout the academic year to work with students in the KSA’s Landscape Architecture section. Glimcher Professors take part in seminars and design studios, lecture at the School, and often engage in additional projects, such as providing guidance to OSU’s Chadwick Arboretum or developing new volumes in the KSA’s Source Books in Landscape Architecture series.

The Glimcher Professorship program allows the KSA to integrate some of the most prestigious work currently being pursued in the field of landscape architecture into the academic experience of our students. Since the program was created, in 2001, eleven Glimcher Professors have been in residence at the KSA, including leading practitioners such as Michael Van Valkenburgh, Tom Leader, Paolo Bürgi, and Peter Walker. A complete listing of Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professors is available on the Visiting Professorships page of the KSA website.

The Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professorship is made possible by the generous support of Herb and DeeDee (BSLA ’88) Glimcher.