A Place to Call Home

City and Regional Planning UG / Spring 2012 / Bernadette Hanlon and Zachary E. Kenitzer

A Place to Call Home

This written report, as well as a presentation, poster, and survey questionnaire, was prepared by a City and Regional Planning studio class and presented to the Ohio State University’s Office of Student Life, Facility Management, and Logistics. This report details the findings of a series of focus groups with undergraduate students from The Ohio State University. These focus groups were conducted with the aim of understanding more about the housing choices and needs of Ohio State undergraduate students.

The goals of this qualitative study were to:

  1. determine why Ohio State students live where they live
  2. identify the changes that might need to take place to encourage students to live close to campus
  3. improve the housing conditions of Ohio State students.

Analyzing data from the focus groups, Planning students identified common themes that were important to students when making their off-campus housing choices. This report details these themes and, based on these results, offers recommendations for how this housing can be improved.

These recommendations, as well as a survey questionnaire, were presented to the Ohio State University’s Office of Student Life to use as they continue to seek ways to improve the experiences of students both on and off-campus.

Students: Samantha Autry, Emir Aziz, Thomas Bergman, Joshua Breto, Alex Campbell, Logan Dawson, Jay Fisher, Ashley Hilyard, Stephanie Kensler, Wesley Keyes, Melanie Kortyka, Brittany Kubinski, Steven Miles, Samantha Robbins, Jerome Smith, David Starr, Spencer Tonovitz, Franklin Wall, Maria Watson, Blake Williams, Brian Zeitler