June 22, 2021

Jake Boswell, Others Receive Patent for Floating Vessels Project

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture Jake Boswell, landscape alumnus Marty Koelsch (BSLA ’18), and Assistant Professor of Civil Environmental and Geodetic Engineering Lisa Burris have received a US utility patent for Permeable Concrete Vessel for Creating Floating Aquatic Habitats. The vessels are used as floating planters whose trees absorb algae-encouraging nutrients from the water.

A permeable floating concrete vessel for creating floating aquatic habitats is disclosed. The vessel includes an interior space to hold growth material and a plant. The vessels includes one or more channels so a root of the plant can extend through the channel and into a body of water in which the vessel is secured. The vessel is made from a buoyant material, such as water-permeable concrete mate­rial. In an exemplary embodiment the water-permeable concrete material includes a mixture of cement, glass micro­spheres, expanded glass aggregate, and microfibers. Two or more vessels may be connected together via a connecting member to form an array of the vessels.

Permeable Concrete Vessel for Creating Floating Aquatic Habitats

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