Coworking Tower: Public Street, Civic City, Collective Work

Architecture UG3 Studio / Spring 2021 / Ben Wilke

Given the requirements to house public amenities including a recreation center, restaurant, daycare, and Columbus Arts Center Annex Space, the predominantly coworking tower was broken down through four slips resulting in five distinct massing sections. At these moments, floor-to-floor ceiling height is often double-height for public cafés and markets or in the case of the bottommost slope, varying vertical interiors for the Columbus Art Center extension and utilizing the slope for presentation spaces.

While the bottom mass is home to prominent public amenities including a gym, daycare, and a continuation of Bicentennial Park, the top four masses house sections of coworking space connected via a vast vertical voided interior meant to stimulate, if just visually, social interaction not just within floors horizontally, but now vertically as well. It is at these voided interior spaces where the unfolded elevations show high-density window spans suggesting their significance while being shaded by an offset grid of terracotta rods adhering to sustainable design strategies.


Benjamin Wilke

Senior Lecturer