September 30, 2021

Marta Nowak Serves as Design Director for BruinHub

Prefabricated study pods provide around-the-clock space for students to rest, nap, and study.

Marta Nowak, the Christos Yessios Digital Fabrication Assistant Professor of Architecture, served as the design director for BruinHub, a cityLAB and UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture collaboration. The project uses prefabricated study pods and a WiFi-enabled environment to create around-the-clock space in the John Wooden Center for students to rest, nap, and study who may otherwise face long commutes or housing insecurity.

Often living far from campus to remain close to their personal ties or in affordable housing, these students organize their days around lengthy travel by bus, rail, and car that is challenged by the unpredictable flux of traffic along with campus schedules. While these students are resourceful with their time and use of the campus, the university is now starting to deepen its recognition and support for them.

by cityLAB

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