Vault Talk

Architecture G2 Studio / Spring 2021 / Andrew Cruse and Sandhya Kochar

Vault Talk attempts to prompt public discourse through reflected ceiling plan and furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Using cues from the domestic scale, our civic structure uses a spectrum of informal to formal spaces controlled through the vault type, scale, and height. By generating rooms through the vaulted RCP, the conventional edge is eliminated and the boundary becomes suggestive rather than finite. The program is further suggested through the FFE that is mapped to a range of body sizes, abilities, and backgrounds in order to maximize social interaction through objects that not only accommodate differences but allow various people to share space.

  • Kaitlin Baker, Melissa Folzenlogen, Erin Miller


Associate Professor Andrew Cruse

Andrew Cruse

Associate Professor
Sandhya Kochar

Sandhya Kochar

Senior Lecturer