April 22, 2022

Molly McCahan Accepted to Dumbarton Oaks Garden and Landscape Studies Workshop

The MLA student will attend the prestigious workshop in summer 2022.

Molly McCahan (MLA ’22) was accepted to the Dumbarton Oaks 2022 Garden and Landscape Studies Workshop: Landscape History and Historiography.

This workshop seeks to ground histories of place, land, and landscape in the complexities of contested and counter narratives and sources. Bringing together PhD and advanced MLA candidates, the workshop will focus on the historiography and methods of landscape and environmental history writing challenging traditional frameworks and sources as well as questions of sovereignty, authority, and authenticity. This workshop offers the opportunity to become more familiar with the core scholarship of the discipline while we engage in a productive critique of its development and its future. We will interrogate seminal works in landscape and environmental history while exploring emerging practices, methods, and approaches to inquiry including scholarship on the public realm, and on democracy, race, gender, and identity, and the tools of critical place-based narratives.