September 22, 2022

Ashley Bigham’s Fulfilled Reviewed by The Architect’s Newspaper

AN reviews the architecture professor’s book on the role of architecture in a culture shaped by the excessive manufacturing and assuagement of desire.

Assistant Professor of Architecture Ashley Bigham’s book Fulfilled: Architecture, Excess, and Desire has been reviewed by The Architect’s Newspaper. The book examines the role of architecture in the manufacturing and assuagement of desire.

A few clicks of the mouse (or swipes of the screen) enable our desires to be sated more easily than ever, and yet the infrastructures of these systems remain elusive. It’s a telling thing that fulfillment means happiness and, thanks to Amazon, also connotes an intense regime of capitalist achievement.

This condition lies at the heart of Fulfilled: Architecture, Excess, and Desire, a book edited by Ashley Bigham that documents a symposium and an exhibition of the same name at Ohio State University that took place in February 2020, just before Americans’ reliance on postal products skyrocketed during the pandemic.

“Fulfilled examines the invisible systems that deliver desire to our doorsteps”
by Charles Weak

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