October 7, 2022

Ashley Bigham Interviewed by Washington Post on Ukrainian Modernism

The article examines the attempts to preserve Soviet-era modernist buildings

Assistant Professor of Architecture Ashley Bigham has been interviewed by the The Washington Post for “Kyiv’s ‘brutalist’ legacy comes alive through Zoom tours by a native son.” The article focuses on tours meant to develop appreciation for and preservation of Soviet-era modernist buildings and mosaics.

For such a concrete connoisseur, Ukraine is a gold mine. “It’s quite rare to see so many pieces of modernism at such a great scale in one place,” says Ashley Bigham, an Ohio State University professor who studies Soviet architecture. Bigham points to Ukraine’s sprawling civic structures — theaters, sport complexes, schools — which she says are remarkable for balancing expressive, grand forms (many have complicated roofs that allow for huge, open floor plans) with functionality.

“Kyiv’s ‘brutalist’ legacy comes alive through Zoom tours by a native son”
by Kelsey Ables

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March 8, 2022

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Ashley Bigham

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