October 26, 2022

Parker Sutton Publishes “A New Aesthetic of Care”

The landscape architecture professor’s essay proposes a new approach to maintaining and considering the landscape in the absence of human involvement.

Assistant Professor of Practice Parker Sutton has published “A New Aesthetic of Care” in the latest issue of Journal of Architectural Education (JAE 76:2). The essay promotes maintenance as a necessary tool of design and introduces a curriculum for an aesthetic of care.

The reduction of landscape maintenance and the abrupt suspension of human activity during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 produced an ecological moment now referred to as the “anthropause.” Absent human intervention, nature quickly asserted its autonomy and confirmed what we already know: there is an inverse relationship between the degree of human involvement in the landscape and ecological health. In light of these events, this essay calls for a shift in the way that we maintain landscapes, grade their appearance, and define productivity.

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