May 1, 2023

Rashad Alirhayim Publishes “Place attachment in the context of loss and displacement”

The planning doctoral student’s paper on Syrauan immigrants was published in the Journal of Urban Affairs.

Rashad Alirhayim Publishes “Place attachment in the context of loss and displacement”

City and Regional Planning doctoral student Rashad Alirhayim has published “Place attachment in the context of loss and displacement: The case of Syrian immigrants in Esenyurt, Istanbul” in the Journal of Urban Affairs.

The publication examines the effects of displacement on place bonds among immigrants in their neighborhoods, focusing specifically on the impact of war displacements. Alirhayim found that feelings of low self-esteem and self-efficacy severely impact a displaced individual’s ability to identify with their new neighborhood because of displacement and loss.

To explore these aspects, this study examines both the factors relating to place attachment and the range of experiences that people incur as a result of war and displacement. This study develops knowledge about and understanding of the factors that influence place attachment(s) among displaced individuals in their places of relocation. Central to this research is the need to address the following two questions: (1) What kinds of attachment do Syrian immigrants in Esenyurt, Istanbul, establish with their new locale? (2) How do feelings of loss and displacement influence the bonds Syrian immigrants form with their new locale? Research into the factors needed for cohesive and socially sustainable environments (including the study of place attachment) can help tackle some of the social problems afflicting urban neighborhoods.

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