Makers Market

Architecture G2 / Spring 2023 / Ashley Bigham

Makers Market

Makers Market
Blythe Atzbach and Alexa Jankowsky

The Makers Market explores the relationship between recycled building and textile, two of the world’s most wasteful industries. The theoretical demolition and reuse of material from the French Field House on Ohio State’s campus was used to inform the Makers Market’s form.

What started as a long-span truss system, turned into three distinct but connected pavilions that are proposed to house programs such as distribution/sorting, reselling of fabrics, and a makerspace for the creation and selling of unique items made of recycled goods. The exploration of using a truss system as wall and ceiling lead to the opportunity to have ample light and an occupiable roof.

An important aspect of the French Field House was the astroturf. This astroturf is proposed to be reused on the roof of the Maker’s Market for a public amenity and sustainable insulation. This building will both be made of and house recycled goods and would be a great addition to Columbus’s Short North Arts District.


Ashley Biham

Ashley Bigham

Assistant Professor