headshot of Dr. Best

Kelsea Best

  • Assistant Professor, Civil Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
  • Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning

Hitchcock Hall
2070 Neil Ave
(614) 292-4128

Dr. Best’s research focuses on understanding how climate change interacts with human societies and infrastructure, how people may adapt to climate change effects, and how climate adaptation measures can be designed and implemented in a just and equitable way. Her work is highly interdisciplinary and strives to connect methods, disciplines, and researchers from across geographies and fields. Dr. Best’s research is grounded in data-driven methods including machine learning and agent-based modeling, but also seeks to advance conventional modeling approaches by expanding the role of personal narrative and community participation in informing computational models. Some of her current projects include modeling individual and household migration decisions under climate change, assessing renters’ vulnerability to natural disasters and implications for housing security, identifying infrastructure needs for climate-migrant-receiving communities, and understanding dynamics related to climate gentrification in coastal cities. 


Climate resilience

Equitable climate adaptation

Climate-related migration and mobility

Climate gentrification

Coupled human-natural systems

Agent-based modeling

Coastal resilience