Junmei Cheng at Knolwton Hall

Junmei Cheng

  • PhD Student
  • Graduate Teaching Associate

Knowlton Hall
275 W Woodruff Ave

Junmei Cheng is a Ph.D. candidate in City and Regional Planning at OSU. Her research interests cover transportation infrastructure planning, economic impact analysis, resilience, smart cities, machine learning, and spatiotemporal analysis.

Junmei's dissertation focuses on investigating the association between transportation infrastructure and city attractiveness from perspectives of human mobility and city networks. Multiple quantitative approaches including structural equation modeling, machine learning, network analysis have been applied. Her dissertation advisor is Dr. Zhenhua Chen.

Her studies have been published in major transportation journals, including Transport Reviews, Transport Policy, and Advances in Transportation Studies. She has also presented at numerous conferences in the US and China.

Before coming to Knowlton, Junmei worked as a urban planning engineer at the Bureau of Planning in TianJin, China. She obtained her master's degree in Transportation Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and a bachelor's degree in Construction Management from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics in China.


Impact assessements of transportation infrastructure

Intelligent transportation systems, Smart cities

Transport safety, Resilience and disaster management 

Spatiotemporal analysis, Network analysis 

Machine learning and Big data

Construction scheduling and management