The Socially Just City

The Socially Just City

The Socially Just City displays the work completed for Kareem Usher’s autumn 2021 CRPLAN 6350, The Socially Just City.

This course is designed as an engaged investigation into the relationship between social change and planning. The journey will be co-created, with the intent of better understanding dynamics of power and inclusion both within the field of planning and within our communities at large. In doing so, we embark on new imaginaries—imaginaries that re-present our spaces not simply as anti-racist or anti-colonial but also as just.

North Houston Highway Improvement Project: A Roadmap to Equitable Design

Students: Carlos Iniguez, Jordan Krumm, and Evan Robledo


Planning the Socially Just City

Students: Dale Herr, Ben Moody, Michelle Miranda, and Tonni Oberly


A Look at Transportation

Students: Brad Biehl, Jack Mangan and Emily Ward


Improving the Plan

Students: Benjamin McKinley, Elise August, Jeremiah Commey