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Altercologies Spa Studio Fina

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Alexandra Lemke
Landscape Architecture
Bachelor 2
Jake Boswell Justin Parscher
LARCH 2930: Design Studio III: Social Dynamics
Spring 2016

This project was an exploration in the relationships present within the ecologies “Eastern Eroding Shale Bluff”, and “Great Plains Open Marsh and Ponds”.  One of the most interesting interactions between these two landforms, was the seepage effect which the bluffs provided, and the resulting rings of vegetation which could inhabit the varying microclimates along, on top of, and beneath the bluff.  My construction strategy highlights both the successional rings of varying plant types, and the seeps along the cliff faces.  Perfect circles were utilized to indicate the artificially of the landscape as well as to augment the formation of these successional rings.  Spa programs were therein inlaid, with the formation of a circular meditation path, and the construction of self-cleaning artificial pools which mirrored the form of the marshes.  These pools were filled with the seeping from the bluffs, and concrete was utilized along these connections so that the water dripping along its surface could highlight this process, as well as to mitigate erosion in these areas of higher water volume.  The program and form of the structures was also oriented to best take advantage of the adjacent context. Meditation pavilions overlook the Scioto River, and offer key views of downtown Columbus.  Further, the massing of the bluff works to obscure unwanted views of the highway, mask sounds from the adjacent railroad, and prevent pedestrian traffic from nearby homeless encampments and apartment complexes.

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