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College of Engineering Facilities Master Plan

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Alyssa Taylor
Ameya Schrimpf
Andrew Pilarcik
Andrew Moore
Arij Yousef
Daniel Sheehan
Daniel Louwers
Dante Farris
Edward Ramey
Jasmine Ringold
John McDermott
Jordan Whisler
Katherine Sims
Lauren Lotze
Megan Moeller
Miao Zhou
Peter Miller
Zachary Cowan
City and Regional Planning
Jennifer Evans-Cowley
Jason Sudy
CRPLAN 4910: Realizing the Plan
Autumn 2012

The College of Engineering Facilities Master Plan is a document which aims to further the direction of the One Framework Plan by providing a growth strategy for the College of Engineering. The underlying goals of the College of Engineering Facilities Master Plan are to create quality spaces, ensure connectivity, promote a unique sense of community, implement strategic growth techniques, encourage sustainability, and create a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn, live and work. These goals are in accordance with the One Framework Plan while emphasizing certain needs which are necessary for the future of the college.

The Facilities Master Plan Assessment serves as a comprehensive summary of user opinions and current facility conditions for the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University. This report is a compilation of survey and assessment results that the Facilities Master Planning studio gathered from students, faculty, and staff during a 7-week data collection period.

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Facilities Assessment Framework Poster
Facilities Assessment Poster