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Double House: Push Pull House

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Jordan Scheuermann
Bachelor 2
Stephanie Hayward
ARCH 2410: Architectural Design I
Autumn 2016

The purpose of this project was to design a duplex in an urban environment. My design was informed by the cause and effect of pushing and pulling motions. In plan, the act of pushing inwards on an ideal solid creates public spaces and the subsequent pulling motion in response divides space to create private spaces. In section, spaces can be pulled or extruded upwards to create larger and more public spaces and circulation or pulled downward to form more secluded private spaces. The tension created through the pulling and pushing is resolved through the fenestration. The fenestration is meant to represent the result of the contrasting pulling and pushing motion that results in the building itself being broken apart. The fenestration follows the public and private spaces inside with larger cracks to allow more light in to public spaces and smaller cracks in private spaces.

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