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Harbor District Plan for Ashtabula, Ohio

Harbor District Plan for Ashtabula, Ohio
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Nathaniel Betz
Daniel Eisenberg
Nicholas Fischer
Daniel Geroni
Darlene Hawley
Michelle House
Paul Hutchison
Nathaniel Kaelin
Amanda McCallister
Tom Merce
Lisa Minklei
Jack Rosenberger
Autumn Williams
City and Regional Planning
Aaron Domini
Tony Slanec
Winter 2010

The Harbor District Plan creates a focused vision for the district’s development, and will allow stakeholders to move forward with a high degree of confidence that it incorporates a balanced perspective and widespread community input on the revitalization of the district. Ultimately, this plan serves to provide guidance and support for the prospective redevelopment of the Harbor District as place to work, live and play. Further, it delineates an overarching vision for the study area and will help leverage investment to reinvigorate the district. This cohesive vision will steer and support both public and private investment within the district by identifying how funding sources can support the key recommendations in the plan. With the support ofthe city, stakeholders, and local residents this plan will serve as a blueprint for redevelopment, ensuring the Harbor District’s popularity and economic vitality for generations to come.

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Harbor District Plan for Ashtabula, Ohio
Concept Plan Development: Land Use Diagram