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Plan for Opportunity: Regional Sustainability Plan for the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Plan for Opportunity
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Whitney Airgood-Obrycki
Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
Joshua Bates
Seth Brehm
Stuart Davidovich
Chloe Greene
Zach Kenitzer (Graduate Research Assistant)
Brittany Kubinski
Todd Mills
Ronni Nimps
Jennifer Noll
Emily Nosse-Lierer
Cody Price (Graduate Research Assistant)
Kendra Spergel
City and Regional Planning
Bernadette Hanlon
Jennifer Cowley
CRPLAN 6960/6193: Sustainability Studio
Autumn 2013

The Plan for Opportunity helps guide sustainable development practices, sound decision-making and cost-effective strategies – both for individual communities and the region overall – to improve transportation, housing and employment options for all communities along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The goal is to enable better decision-making that will lower household costs, save money and improve return on investment from use of tax dollars. To understand the role of sustainability in planning for the future of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the plan covers six key areas including water, food, economic development and workforce, transportation and land use, housing, and resiliency. The plan focuses on solutions that will help grow the economy and improve our overall quality of life.

The Plan for Opportunity is the first studio to create a website and format the plan in PDF, iBook, Kindle, and ePub methods.

The Plan for Opportunity won the the City and Regional Planning Best Studio Project (2013) and the National Association Development Organization (NADO) Innovation Award (2014).

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Plan for Opportunity: Regional Sustainability Plan for the Mississippi Gulf Coast
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