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Solution to Babel

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Bachelor 3
Kay Bea Jones
ARCH 3420: Architectural Design IV
Spring 2017

My concept started with the Babel tower. The tower finally failed because of the language separation. It also happens in the refugee society. Research shows that even the skilled refugee couldn’t apply their knowledge to the real life working, for the language becomes a barrier. The solution to the failure of Babel, as response to the social failure of refugee, could be language education as a start to social integration.


My proposal is to build a tower, which include program elements aimed to facilitate communication, integration and assimilation through education. Language learning could be a vital element in education. Also, the K-12 education, not only for refugees, but including local students. My tower also includes a new Museum to introduce the history of Ivrea from a special vantage point where the city can be observed and a cultural center allowing for big events. As Ivrea is quite an old town, there are historical attractions in city, which could create a dialog with the Olivetti new industrial infrastructure. A tower presents a new icon on the horizon, which can also be seen in the midst of historical and industrial sites, creating community pride like the usual Italian “campana” or bell tower, and allowing visitors to get an overall understanding of the city. Also, refugees standing on top of the tower would feel they could in charge of themselves, also the world.

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