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Toy Time Capsule

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Jonathon Bradjic
Bachelor 2
Ryan Keener
Arch 2420
Spring 2017

Confronted with the abstract task of designing a zero gravity toy time capsule, I began the project by selecting toys that carried no explicit relationship, freeing myself to discover and create hidden relationships among the toys. I discovered that the “E.T.” figure linked the otherwise unrelated toys together and added meaning to their presence.

This narrative of linking and connecting carried forward into the design process of the toy specific shells, which self-sufficiently contain each toy. The form of these internal shells and their spatial relationship to each other further emphasize the development of this narrative through the apparent convergence of two shells into one, with the “E.T.” shell constraining and holding in place the other toy shells.

While all the internal shells carry the motif of the circle throughout, they differentiate themselves in their structural characteristics, ranging from adjacent surfaces with ribbed structure to parallel surfaces with structural rails to solid masses with poché.


Lastly, I wrapped the internal shells with an external shell consisting of foreign, triangular geometries in order to distinguish interior and exterior conditions. Additionally, the outermost shell opens itself up in moments to allow for light and views to enter the interior space and to allow for the internal shell to become figural elements on the exterior.

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