Student Organizations

The Knowlton School is home to six student organizations that engage students from architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, and majors across Ohio State.

Learn more about these organizations below. For a complete listing of Ohio State student organizations, visit the Office of Student Life’s Student Organizations page.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Ohio State is a membership-based student organization comprised of students in the Knowlton School. We are dedicated to helping students today, for tomorrow. We provide programming, social activities, information, and resources related to architectural education, training, and practice. We also aim to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines, to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.

2021-22 President: Omar Alvardo-Garcia
Advisor: Ashley Bigham
Instagram: @aiasohiostate

Alpha Rho Chi (APX Demetrios Colony)

Alpha Rho Chi is a national fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. Our organization unites men and women for the purpose of fellowship and lifelong friendships and our mutual interest in professional development. While the fraternity is architecture-based, we have several other majors that come together and create our colony, such as interior design, construction management, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, and more. The Demetrios colony exists to give a holistic approach to a student organization; which means that while we hold professional events and meetings, we also have philanthropy events and social events. This colony has been dormant for over 20 years and is close to being reinstated as an official chapter of Alpha Rho Chi. The Demetrios colony also has countless alumni that are ready to help us, and you, succeed in any way shape or form.

2021-22 President: Audra Greavu
Advisor:  Rebekah Matheny
Instagram: @apxdemetrios

City and Regional Planning Student Association (CRPSA)

The Ohio State University City and Regional Planning Student Association (CRPSA) is the student organization for the City and Regional Planning program in the Knowlton School. CRPSA exists to help students create valuable relationships within and beyond the discipline, together and with faculty, alumni and professionals. Throughout the year, CRPSA organizes a number of fun events for the CRP student body, including social events, city trips, community service, and professional development opportunities.

2021-22 President: Arielle El-Amin
Advisor: Don Leonard
Instagram: @crpsa2020

The Ohio State University Chapter of the National Association of Minority Landscape Architects is based on increasing minority representation at all levels of landscape architecture practice and academia.

2021-22 President: Trecia Cintron
Advisor: Tameka Sims
Instagram: @ohiostatenamla

National Organization for Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The National Organization for Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) Ohio State is a group of individuals interested in design as it connects to the challenges of our society. We are committed to advocating for inclusivity within design: for those working within it and those influenced by it. Our hope is to spark a dialogue on how design can both better serve and learn from different kinds of people.

2021-22 President: Martese Roulette
Advisor: Keoni Fleming
Instagram: @osu.nomas


One:Twelve is a student-run, bi-annual journal that operates out of the Knowlton School. Above all, its editors are committed to maintaining the journal’s role as a platform for independent student thinking—a venue for developing topics touched upon in the regular curriculum as well as pursuing those diversions that might not have a place in the classroom. As One:Twelve moves forward, it seeks to expand its audience. The journal’s pages are rooted in what happens at the Knowlton School, but their influence should certainly extend beyond it.

2021-22 Managing Editors: Luke Ciminillo Delamotte
Advisor: Michael B. Cadwell
Instagram: @onetwelvejournal


SERVitecture is a service organization within the Knowlton School that focuses on providing students with community service opportunities related to architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning. SERVitecture facilitates monthly service opportunities around the greater Columbus area and also hosts a biannual trip, one in the summer and one in the spring, to a North American city where they spend a week volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. SERVitecture is also known for hosting the annual Fashion Schau which is a charity event that encourages students to create clothing out of recycled material and strut their designs down the runway.

2021-22 President: Blythe Atzbach
Advisor: Ann Pendleton-Jullian
Instagram: @SERVitectureosu

Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA)

The Ohio State University Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA) is comprised of landscape architecture undergraduate and graduate students. The organization connects students with professionals, helps to refine professional skills and to explore the field of landscape architecture with like-minded peers, professionals and faculty.

2021-22 President: Delia Houston 
Advisor: Jason Kentner
Instagram: @osu.scasla

Women of Knowlton

Women of Knowlton is an advocacy group for the advancement of gender-equity within architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning. We are focused on promoting a culture of change for the female-identifying community within the Knowlton School. Women of Knowlton is led by women, but membership is open to anyone who seeks to promote equal opportunity for all. Our group focuses on community-centered conversations about the empirical effect of gender within all fields of design, and how we can promote a culture of respect and acceptance.

2021-22 President: Emma Rosenberger
Advisors: Karen Lewis
Instagram: @womenofknowlton

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