Sydrah Glasgo

Knowlton Ambassador

Sydrah Glasgo


Sydrah Glasgo

Sydrah Glasgo

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

Tampa, Florida

What are you involved with outside of being a Knowlton Ambassador?

I am currently serving as the treasurer of the Theme Park Engineering Group (TPEG) at Ohio State.

What do you enjoy the most about being a student at Knowlton?

I love the atmosphere at Knowlton and being able to collaborate easily with the other students in my studio.

What advice would you give to a new Knowlton student?

My advice is to look at all the choices Knowlton has to offer and pursue the ones you love the most!

Have you had an internship in your major area and what was your experience like?

I was a summer intern at Universal Creative in Orlando, Florida where I helped design the area development of the newest theme park. I had a 3 part interview, all on zoom, and it was very intimidating but the person who interviewed me loved the fact I went to Ohio State, so it opened a lot of conversations!

Any final advice for prospective or newly admitted students?

Have fun!