Architecture Research Travel Awards

Funding to support independent travel and research for all Knowlton students

Architecture Research Travel Awards

Applications for the 2024 ARTA Grant are due on February 1, 2024.

See ARTA Awards Application Requirements and Instructions for information about how to apply.

The Knowlton School’s Architecture Research Travel Awards (ARTA) program was established to encourage independent travel and research initiatives of up to 30 days by Knowlton students from all degree programs. The ARTA program is made possible by generous support from the Columbus Foundation. In the autumn semester following completion of their projects, ARTA winners present their work to the school.

In order to qualify for participation in the program, students must be U.S. citizens and be able to provide 25 percent matching funds for their travel. Students also must make a public presentation to the school about their summer research experience during the fall semester following their travel.

Watch ARTA recipients present their research

ARTA Recipients

2023 ARTA Grant Recipients

  • Ish Gad, MLA
    “Researching Mountain-Side Village of Battir”
    Research Sites: Palestine and Israel
  • Josie Stiver, BSCRP
    “Commuter Biking Viability”
    Research Sites: London and Amsterdam

Lillie Gillespie was awarded a 2023 ARTA but delayed her travel to 2024.