June 22, 2022

Benjamin Flowers Publishes Editorial for sb magazine

Associate Director in the latest issue on Stadia and Sports Grounds.

Knowlton Associate Director and Professor of Architecture Dr. Benjamin Flowers wrote the lead editorial for the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities’ (IAKS) sb magazine on stadia and sports grounds. Flowers is an IAKS Executive Board Member.

Sport and architecture are the two most widely held social practices across the world. Those of us who endeavor to shape the spaces of athletic effort know this as a matter of habit and experience.

Looking at the projects in this issue of “sb,” I am struck and excited by the range of formal and operational innovations on display. These include striking brick use, super-graphics, structural timber, and revisiting and updating historic sites. These spaces materialize in three dimensions the significance of sport and its architecture in the life of societies across the globe.

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