Jennifer Clark Reappointed as Section Head of City and Regional Planning at Knowlton

Jennifer Clark Reappointed as Section Head of City and Regional Planning at Knowlton

The Knowlton School has reappointed Dr. Jennifer Clark as Section Head of the City and Regional Planning Section. Dr. Clark's second term is for five years and begins August 2023.

From Director Dorothée Imbert

I am delighted to announce that Dr. Jennifer Clark has been reappointed as the Section Head of the City and Regional Planning Section Section at Knowlton.

Dr. Clark joined the Knowlton School in August 2019 and led the section through a remarkable period, at once responding to crisis and taking steps to ensure the growth of the section. Among Dr. Clark's accomplishments are strategic investments in the research portfolio and reputation.

She expanded the section’s leadership in academic journals by renewing its editorship of the Journal of Planning Literature and bringing the Journal of Urban Affairs to the Knowlton School. Today the section counts six journal editors and associate editors among its faculty. Clark has also overseen the growth of Planning’s research impact. In 2022 Knowlton Planning ranked 33rd among the 114 ACSP member schools by faculty citations up 49 spots from its ranking in 2018.

Dr. Clark has also invested in faculty and students, providing expert guidance and leadership as the section continues to grow. She shepherded eight successful tenure and promotion cases and supervised three new faculty hires including two joint hires with the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering as part of the “Climate, Race, and PlaceRace, Inclusion and Social Equity cluster hire.

Under her leadership, diversity has increased among both faculty and students. She has energized graduate recruitment by establishing the Knowlton PhD Awards. As a result, the highly competitive CRP PhD program ranks 11th among ACSP member schools in placement of graduates in faculty positions.

Finally, Dr. Clark’s redesigned CRP Colloquium—a weekly forum for the presentation and discussion of planning-related research and professional development topics—has helped to reinvigorate the scholarly culture of City and Regional Planning at Knowlton.

In short, Dr. Clark has led the section superbly during her first term and we look forward to the next four years of her tenure. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Clark.

Dorothée Imbert
Hubert C. Schmidt Chair in Landscape Architecture
Knowlton School