July 31, 2023

Michelle Franco’s Diggers Studio Profiled by Bloomberg’s CityLab

The landscape architecture professor’s studio positions physical labor and embodied knowledge as critical means to develop a socially and ecologically conscious landscape practice.

Michelle Franco’s Diggers Studio Profiled by Bloomberg’s CityLab

Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture Michelle Franco’s Diggers Studio was profiled by Bloomberg’s CityLab. 

Franco leads the Diggers Studio, a project of OSU’s Knowlton School of architecture that posits an alternative model for landscape production. Each summer, students participate hands-on in the design and construction of a community green space in Columbus, Ohio. They pick up tools and go to work alongside city parks crews and landscapers—laborers whose contributions are often made invisible by an academic and disciplinary apparatus that prizes the creativity and vision required to design a streetscape or park, but not the technical skill and sweat required to make it a reality.

“What Landscapers Can Teach Landscape Architects”
by Zach Mortice

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