Knowlton Landscape Publishes First Source Reports in Landscape Architecture

The first Source Report is focused on the work of 2021 Glimcher firm Kounkuey Design Initiative.

Knowlton Landscape Publishes First Source Reports in Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Section of the Knowlton School is pleased to announce the publication of the first Source Reports in Landscape Architecture. The publication is focused on the work of Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI), the 2021 Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professors.

Assistant Professor of Practice in the Landscape Architecture Section Justin Parscher is the series editor.

The Source Reports in Landscape Architecture are published in coordination with the Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professorship.

The Glimcher Program has historically led to the production of Source Books in Landscape Architecture, in-depth explorations of the Glimcher visitors and their projects produced in partnership with commercial publishers. Beginning with this volume, on the twentieth anniversary of the Glimcher Program, we are supplementing the Source Books with a series of Source Reports—free publications available online and on paper, which can be produced quickly and flexibly for maximum access, in line with our heritage as a land-grant institution.

Book Launch: Kounkuey Design Initiative Source Report

March 27, 12 p.m.
Knowlton Hall, Big Stairs

This roundtable event will introduce the new Source Reports in Landscape Architecture series and the work of the Kounkuey Design Initiative. Following a brief introductory presentation, the visitors will discuss their practice in a roundtable format and take questions from the audience.

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KDI is a landscape and planning practice focused on making public spaces with underserved communities. Based primarily in Nairobi, Los Angeles, and the Eastern Coachella Valley, KDI works to establish networks of sustainable and scalable Productive Public Spaces that reflect the visions of the people they serve. After almost 20 years of partnering with communities to research, design, and advocate for their needs, KDI is a powerful model of participatory and equitable design.

The Source Report documents KDI’s collaborations with Knowlton students and faculty during spring 2021.

Our main point of contact came through a studio course I taught online. The studio documented different forms of practice in landscape architecture, from state agencies to international for-profit corporations. Studying these established models, where traditions and incentives often work to harden gaps in knowledge and resources, put into relief just how unique KDI’s practice is.

In some ways, the timing was ideal. KDI’s worldview and methods form one of the most credible responses to problems that have become inescapable for the design professions: community disinvestment, environmental racism, and housing insecurity. Entering and established members of the field have come to recognize that good intentions and big ideas are necessary, but not sufficient, to address them; and in such challenging times it was empowering to work with people who have resolutely steered toward these problems—and made headway.

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