November 5, 2020

Planning Faculty and Doctoral Students Participate in ACSP 2020

The annual conference will take place November 5-8, 2020.

City and Regional Planning faculty and doctoral students and candidates from the Knowlton School will be presenting at this year's Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) Annual Conference. The conference will be held virtually, and the following faculty and students will present.

Thursday, November 5

Dr. Jennifer Clark, moderator
Dr. Kareem Usher, panelist
“Community Economic Development as Planning: The Evolving Nature of Community Economies”

Dr. Yasuyuki Motoyama, panelist
“COVID-19 and National, State and Local Responses to Help Vulnerable Population, Industry, and Regions”

Dr. Mattijs van Maasakkers, presenting author
“The Organization of Representation: The Composition and Responsibilities of Ad-hoc Committees in Planning Processes”

Dr. Huyen Le, co-author
“Healthy for Whom? Equity in the Spatial Distribution of Cycling Risks”

Jeeson Oh (PhD candidate), presenting author
“Foundation Coalitions at Crossroads: Tracing the Relationship Between Discourses by National Philanthropic Coalitions and Foundation Practices in Local Economic Development”

Thursday, November 5
Poster Sessions

Shan Yang (PhD student), presenting author
“Accessibility to Greenways Among Different Racial Groups”

Gala Korniyenko (PhD candidate), presenting author
“Public Participation of Adults with Autism: Key Findings and Implications for the Planning Process”

Friday, November 6

Dr. Jennifer Clark, panelist
Dr. Amber Woodburn McNair, panelist
“Who’s Planning the Smart City?”

Dr. Maria Conroy, presenting author
“How Does School Choice Impact Community Social Sustainability?”

Dr. Ned Hill, presenting author
“Does Large-Scale Annexation or City-County Integration Positively Affect Low-Income Residents?”

Dr. Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller,
presenting author

“Incorporating Policy Learning in Toronto to Keep Creativity Downtown”

Dr. Jean-Michel Guldmann, co-author
“Tradeoffs Between Tree Shade and Solar Access: A 3D City Model and Simulation Approach to Community Decarbonizing”

Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith, co-author
“Incorporating Storm Water Managers’ Knowledge and Perceptions into an Agent-Based Model: Simulation of Institutional Decision-Making in Green Infrastructure Planning”

Aram Yang (PhD candidate), presenting author
“A Multiscalar Approach for Measuring Neighborhood Poverty and Its Implications for Affordable Housing Study: The Case of Ohio”

Dr. Bernadette Hanlon, primary author

Sahar Khaleel (PhD student), presenting author
“The Rise of Single-Family Rentals in Suburban Neighborhoods: A Question of Opportunity for the Children of Low-Income Family Renters”

Dr. Santina Contreras, presenting author
“Who’s Learning and Gaining in Community Participation? Organizational Learning in International Development”

Dr. Yasuyuki Motoyama, presenting author
“Redlining of 21st Century? Restaurant Reviews and Neighborhood Effects”

Tonni Oberly (PhD student), presenting author
Dr. Jason Reece, co-author
“Gender Mainstreaming, Intersectionality and Planning for Black Maternal Health’

Başar Özbilen, (PhD candidate),
presenting author
Dr. Gulsah Akar, co-author
“Analyzing Travel Behavior of Older Adults: What Are the Determinants of Sustainable Mobility?”

Dr. Jesus J. Lara, presenting author
“Problem-Based Solutions: Transformative Approaches to Mitigate the Impacts of Boom-and-Bust in Declining Urban Communities”

Saturday, November 7

Kihyun Kwon (PhD candidate), presenting author
Dr. Gulsah Akar, co-author

“Trip Chaining, Gender and Household Structures”
Huyen Le, presenting author and
primary author

“Activity Space, Environmental Exposure, and Subjective Well-Being: A Multicity Mobile Health Study”
Gilsu Pae, (PhD candidate), presenting author

Dr. Gulsah Akar, co-author
“The Effects of Active Travel and Perceived Built Environment on Self-Assessed Health Status”

Dr. Zhenhua Chen, primary author
Junmei Cheng (PhD candidate), presenting author
Seunghoon Kim (PhD candidate), co-author
“Driver Education and Vehicle Crashes Involving Distraction: Is There a Linkage”

Dr. Amber Woodburn McNair,
presenting author
“Airport-Dependent Economic Activity: Do Airport-Centric Spatial Theories Explain Airport-Dependent Economic Development?”

Sunday, November 8

Dr. Santina Contreras, organizer
“Becoming More Purposeful: How Can Community-Engaged Studios and Teaching Increase Their Impacts?”

Dr. Jason Reece, organizer
“Planning for Child Health: Potential and Possibilities”