Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning

Student learning through practice with real-world clients is the hallmark of the Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning (BSCRP) program at The Ohio State University. Through the BSCRP curriculum, students blend liberal arts with training for professional practice, fostering capability in history, law, physical planning, communication, forecasting and data analysis, and public participation.  Our program is one of approximately 35 undergraduate planning programs in the U.S.

Planning studio courses engage students in real-life planning projects that make important contributions throughout Ohio. These studios hone skills and apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world contexts. Internships also foster this synergy. Our students work alongside planning professionals to create solutions across a range of topic areas, experiences which enhance resumes, bolster work portfolios and make graduates of our program highly competitive for positions in planning and for admission to top graduate schools.

Ohio State’s BSCRP alumni are leaders and visionaries who use technology and tools to help communities thrive. They ensure that communities offer quality choices for where and how people live by helping leaders and citizens decide on the right balance of new development, essential services, environmental protection and innovative change. Since these concerns are global, the BSCRP program at Ohio State offers a broad and evolving set of travel programs in Ghana, Taiwan, Europe and Latin America. As a BSCRP student at Ohio State, students gain entry to becoming one of the 50,000 practicing planners in the U.S.

City and Regional Planning is also available as a second major (M2) to undergraduate students in other degree programs. The second major program requires the completion of all core classes in the BSCRP curriculum.

Students wishing to combine undergraduate and graduate planning degrees in a compressed timeframe have the option of exploring our Combined Bachelor of Science/Master in City and Regional Planning program

Global Option

The Global Option is a curriculum enhancement program through which Ohio State students may acquire documented international expertise integrated into participating majors without adding time to graduation. This program strengthens students’ global perspectives and allows them to gain global skills to help them perform at a higher level of cultural awareness. The Global Option-Knowlton (GO-KNOW) allows undergraduate students in City and Regional Planning to do just that.

In order to earn the Global Option-Knowlton, students must complete coursework and/or fieldwork in each of the following four categories: Education Abroad, International Elements, World Culture or Language and International Design. Interested students should schedule an advising appointment with Christine Meadows to learn more about this opportunity.

Future students

To learn more about the Knowlton School, its award-winning facilities, faculty, financial aid and educational opportunities including travel, career services, and student organizations, please visit the future students section of the website. Future freshmen and transfer students can apply directly to City and Regional Planning through Ohio State's Undergraduate Admissions office. Current Ohio State students who are in good academic standing may declare the City and Regional Planning major at any time by meeting with a Knowlton School academic counselor.