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Project For Jesse Owens North

This project began by stacking the program spaces, taking the negative of that form, quartering and rearranging to arrive at a final form. My unrolled diagram informs the way that I manipulated the quartered pieces and site to arrive at a final form. I was interested in blurring the relationship between ground and building. Drawing inspiration from Casa da Musica, I wanted to lift the ground up to become a part of my building. I articulated this in a more aggressive way, the forms forcefully pushing up out of the ground, like tectonic plates coming together to create a mountain.

Holmes County Arts Center: Sprawl

Nestled into the earth resides SPRAWL; an urban art center located within the rural country side. The structure elements crawl away from

a central axis line that connects the front entrance to the performance center. While traveling along the paths an individual can create

their own adventure but looping in and out of specific units within the art center. The sprawl motion allows for separate areas to be created

such as a Medical Center, Fitness, Administration, Community Center and Art Gallery. The units are organized by function and also

San Francisco House of Music

                The San Francisco House of Music provides the large public spaces with light through the use of five light cannons.  The five spaces push and pull the shell, that is the wrapper of the building, creating circulation around the light cannons for both the audience entry and back of house entry for the performers.  The site within Golden Gate Park, slopes from front to back and allows for the different theaters to be terraced on different ascending plinths.  This allows views back towards the lobby, and clerestory lighting from above.  The roof of the building

Holmes County Arts Center

The design of the Holmes county arts center emerged from the union of programatic boxes and perforation of iconic figures seen in the rural landscape. The barns, silos, farmhouses and sheds in combination with the boxes lead to the creation of interesting spaces. These interior spaces reveal figures which resemble the farm icons. The fusion of these forms allowed for the development and organization of the building’s program. The lobby divides the visual and performing art rooms from the sports and wellness center.

Crossroads San Francisco House of Music

‘Crossroads’ references the interaction between the audience and performer developed in both form and experience. This design encourages public exploration of the arts by visually connecting back of house spaces to the public lobby spaces. It continues the art of performance and spectacle beyond the theater itself, connecting the audience to what is usually hidden.



Double House

JO North Redesign

                Acknowledging Jesse Owens North’s unique position as a gym that serves primarily the North campus area (in contrast to the vast, sprawling RPAC, which services OSU campus as a whole), the JO North Redesign project is focused on providing a holistic health and wellness experience for students on campus. In this vein, the building can be divided into two primary areas – the social/emotional wellness area and the fitness area, both of which have a dedicated lobby.

Retreat House

The Retreat House is characterized by its ability to create an escape from everyday life. It serves as a temporary residence that families can use as a way of coming together as well as a place of seclusion and privacy. These two extremes are what allow the Retreat House to stray from the conventions that constrain the typical house.


Interstice Travel Presidential library

This is a presidential library and conference center project for Barack Obama with programs of exhibition, archives, library, conference center, administration, and operations. We mainly focused on designing exhibition, archives, and library parts. Chicago was selected as the site for this project.  My project was focusing on study about how to use concave and convex walls to create different views of the city.  I created my circulation along those curved walls, and extend stairs and ramps along those curves to connect different programs.

Double House

The Initial idea of this project is showing various view from different direction, and each of the views show the either the connection or difference between two buildings. Since the two side buildings have different height, the project utilizes the lower building to differentiate some parts of the view. For example, the material difference on the east elevation is differentiate by the lower building.


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