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Toy Time Capsule

Confronted with the abstract task of designing a zero gravity toy time capsule, I began the project by selecting toys that carried no explicit relationship, freeing myself to discover and create hidden relationships among the toys. I discovered that the “E.T.” figure linked the otherwise unrelated toys together and added meaning to their presence.


            This project is a different design of the roof garden at Knowlton. It begins with sparse and small trees that gradually become denser and taller further into the garden. This helps create a more social atmosphere upon entry with a public space, and also a quieter and more secluded private space. The gradual transition helps connect the two spaces and allows them to flow together. The design also has two windows, one in the public space and one in the private.

The Aggregated Whole

The objective was to speculate on a futuristic society where architecture populates the entire world. As architecture populates the earth, it creates an artificial nature, accommodating for animal species. The processes began by transforming the 1909 Theorem, and investigate how it manifests itself into two Koolhaas seminal projects. The goal was to create a two-dimensional hybrid drawing, which was further translated into a three-dimensional axon. The next step was to create a log rhythmic scalar transformation from our Koolhaas precedents.


This project is about the use of 3d windows within a space to create both depth, and a sense of collapsed space. The first study was that of imprinting the theater typology into the architecture, the second study was with the windows as an experiential devise. The openings within the project are produced by the void through planes. These coordinated views create lines of site that draw the eye through the project. These views are strategically placed around points of circulation to provide the experience of seeing people moving in and out of view.

The Nomad's Dream

Three Buildings for a Small Town in Ohio

The task of this project was to design three civic buildings for the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio: a library, a town hall, and an inn. The buildings were placed on several sites throughout the town. The new library is at the entry of the town, bordering the forest; the town hall wraps the existing post office, and the inn takes the site of the former library.

Don Scott Airfield Redesign

For my studio project we redesigned the Ohio State University Don Scott Airfield, and we focused on three main parts: the overall master plan of the site, the terminal, and the OSU flight education building.


The Theater Frame

Throughout the course of this semester the idea frame and window has been a point of focus. I wanted to use this idea to reveal the inner workings of my theater. The people of New York are accustom to windows and frames of various shapes and sizes, but all of these frames and windows relate to the human scale. I found it necessary to provide them with a new experience. The frames in my project are at the larger scale of the architectural shells inside, which house my project.

The Oregon Trail


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