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Figured Detroit - ARC A New Cultural Hub

Figured Detroit is a research design project located on an approximately 26-acre waterfront site one-mile west of down­town Detroit. The studio requires an imagination that spans between connective urban networks and intimate neighborhood rooms. To respond, the proposal uses the geometry arc to soften the edge of the buildings and connect the public space that has been captured in between.

Lookout Tower



Farming Platforms

Forming With Magnets

The basis of the studio was form finding.  Many times in architecture, designers establish their form and the building is then clad in a material that has been altered and fabricated for that specific purpose.  It was our goad to research a number of different materials to see if we could create something architecture through the properties of the material.

An Urban Mausoleum

The project goal was to create an addition to the Cimitero Monumentale in Bologna, Italy that provides burial space in the form of columbaria while considering the following:


1.       Look for innovative and meaningful ways that a cemetery/mausoleum can be experienced

2.       Create a solution that sufficiently addresses Bologna, the Cimitero monumentale, and the site

Four Buildings




Cimitero Monumentale

For my design of this urban mausoleum in Bologna, Italy, I took inspiration from barnacles. I made a cluster of barnacles and mirrored the barnacles on top of themselves to create massive butterfly pillars. I then voided out the center of these heavy pillars and went below grade to create space for urn placement and private reflection. I then projected the roofline of the structure onto the ground plane to aid in my design of the surrounding reflection pools and gardens.

Block Parti


550 West Broad

We started by looking at the scale of our program on the site and how we wanted to organize them. First we placed the commercial program around Broad St. offering a strong connection to the surrounding context through a main node. We created two more nodes on the north and south end which provide access to several elements. 


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