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Double House

This project is to design a double house (dueplex), which is a single building con­sisted of two residences, in a given site. One of the residences in the double house would have a medical condition, while the other one is normal. Therefore, some compromise should be made when designing, considering that the residence with medical condition needs extra care. The Double House of Vampire is a dueplex with one of the resident having “Vampirism” as the medical condition.

London Public Library: A Colorful Collection—Buildings, Rooms, People, Media

My London Public Library design imagines this new public institution as a collection of buildings within a building. The exterior shape of the project is a simple box that is sized to mimic the context:  the scale of nearby buildings and the London City grid at the project site.

New Wexner Gallery

The design aspiration of The New Wexner Gallery is to create a clearly defined object within the site and to develop entries, views, and exterior spaces through folds in the building’s perimeter. Within the project, visitors circulate through a main ramp which ascends through an atrium. The atrium allows natural light into the interior of the project and it provides visitors with vertical views between the first and second floor. The gallery spaces, where works from Wexner’s collection will be displayed, are defined by sectional differences both in the floor and ceiling.

The New Wexner Gallery and Arts Center

The design goal of this project was to create a museum that would be put in the heart of Columbus. The space requires 40,000 square feet worth of program that includes, art galleries, artist’s residence, and various community outreach spaces. The site is located in between the Columbus design school and a historic church, both are towered over by the Columbus skyline. It was important to be conscious of this during the design process and provided each project with an interesting design challenge.

Barack Obama Presidential Library

The program of a presidential library requires the division between private territories for the president and other politicians and public territories such as the museum and exhibition spaces. Therefore, the design started with a division of public and private. Because the project is seated at the convergence of the Chicago River, the river was able to be brought through the site to create an island on which the most public part of the building, the museum, was placed. The library portion then created a bridge to access both halves.

London Public Library

            The London Public Library is two trapezoids that pull pedestrians from both the northern riverfront and the southern street edge into the Great Hall where the two forms intersect. The shell of the building responds to surrounding building heights, folds the northern landscape down and into the building, and provides a plaza for restaurant seating on the south street edge.  On the interior, the trapezoids merely encase two zones where distinct spatial strategies are employed.

London Library


Immediately upon learning where the proposed site for our Library project was to be located, I began think about an alternative that would provide a richer experience to the surrounding location. Why would one want to build atop one of the few greenspaces on London that are so rare and cherished?  Why not do the opposite?


Rooftop Garden

Freshman project. Redesign of the Knowlton School of the rooftop garden.

Bounded Procession: London Public Library

At the start of this project, I was interested in Christopher Wren churches in London and the way

that their presence in the skyline creates monuments and points of organization within the city. I

was also interested in the idea of a church in relation to a library as a community gathering

space and source of knowledge.

Looking at these precedents, I drew themes of procession, thresholds, and pavilions as

indicators of destination spaces in the skyline.


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