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Provisional Forest

A Bench


Industrial Orchard

Vision Six.One.Four

This course is a studio course, designed to help the students understand and contribute to a visioning process and end deliverable for the client, Community Research Partners (CRP). CRP has been awarded agrant to study an ideal neighborhood for young professionals. A large part of this includes community engagement and data gathering towards understanding young professionals. This will lead into recommendations and a pattern book that can eventually be used by government agencies, developers, among other stakeholders towards a development and design focused effort.

College of Engineering Facilities Master Plan

The College of Engineering Facilities Master Plan is a document which aims to further the direction of the One Framework Plan by providing a growth strategy for the College of Engineering. The underlying goals of the College of Engineering Facilities Master Plan are to create quality spaces, ensure connectivity, promote a unique sense of community, implement strategic growth techniques, encourage sustainability, and create a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn, live and work.

Morse Road Corridor Strategic Visioning Plan

The goals for this studio are to thoroughly research and understand the concept of retrofitting suburbia and apply its theories and principals to the Morse Corridor and its context, and then, based on this understanding, envision alternative planning and design scenarios for the site interface and its residents.

2014 Internship Poster Competition

The purpose and intent of the poster competition is to provide the students an opportunity to display their graphic skills and show what they have been working on in their internships.


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